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refrigerated transport cold storage

Transfrigoroute United Kingdom

Transfrigoroute United Kingdom

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Full Load Transport Throughout the UK, EU, And Beyond

Advance European Ltd is a long established and trusted name in the international temperature controlled haulage market.

Inefficient distribution systems are economically and ecologically costly.  Our expertise and wide range of personal contacts enhance our inventive approach to fulfilling your full load and part load transport requirements, and minimise empty running.

We are highly motivated and knowledgeable logistics professionals who work with you to find the optimum strategy to meet your transport and logistics needs.

These are just some of the full load services we operate:

Full load transportation refrigeration transport


  • Fresh Hanging Meat
  • Fresh & Frozen Fruit
  • Baked Goods
  • Eggs & Dairy Products
  • Frozen Fish & Meat
  • Herbs & Vegetables
  • Confectionery
  • Condiments & Drinks



  • Shrubs & Plants
  • Irrigation Equipment
  • Growing Media
  • Insulation



  • Metal Components
  • Chemicals & Finishes
  • Paints



  • Products Various