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refrigerated transport cold storage

Transfrigoroute United Kingdom

Transfrigoroute United Kingdom

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Advance European Ltd Company and Industry History…..

Advance European Limited was founded in 1995, and continues to develop its widely known and trusted reputation for excellence in international temperature controlled road transport.

Behind Advance European's expertise in logistic operations is a unique range of experience in the international temperature controlled road haulage industry during the last 6 decades, dominated by our Managing Director, Kenneth Ward, whose career in the industry began more than 50 years ago…..  

Frickley Farm Produce

In 1960s Britain, Birds Eye dominated the burgeoning market for frozen foods, concentrating on the supply of frozen fish, fruit, and green vegetables. In the fertile plain between the rivers Don and Dearne, a Yorkshire farmer was innovative in the production of frozen potato chips, significantly prior to the construction of McCain's first plant in Scarborough in 1969. Then a young farm labourer, Kenneth Ward did not hesitate to take the opportunity to be the driver of one of the first refrigerated vehicles to be seen on British roads.

Grangewood Transport

Ken began his international driving career in the late 1960s with Grangewood Transport of London.  Founded in 1957, Grangewood (named for the East Ham telephone exchange) was in the vanguard of companies operating on the newly opened up route to the Middle East during the trading boom of the 1970s.  This very special time in road transport history is the source of endless anecdotes for those who were fortunate enough to participate in it, and of fascination to later generations of drivers. From frozen meat to war-torn Beirut, to fresh eggs to Saudi Arabia, Ken delivered it all.

Cecilia Bartoli Music Foundation

Our Managing Director, Kenneth Ward, is not exclusively office-bound, and remains familiar with the roadscape of Europe and the Middle East from the driving seat of an articulated lorry.  As driver/technician to travelling marketing enterprises for the likes of SKF and Ericsson, he has revisited routes where multi-lane highways have replaced the country lanes and desert tracks of yesterday. His exhilarating experience of being at the helm of a 16 month tour of Europe's finest Opera venues by a mobile museum underlines the range of Ken's expertise, which is always at your disposal at Advance European Limited.

If you want to read more about the romantic heyday of overland transport to the Middle East, we recommend Ashley Coghill’s well received celebration of the men and the machines: “The Long Haul Pioneers”

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Photo caption: Ken using every means at his disposal to thaw the engine of his Volvo F89 in Dogubayazit, Eastern Turkey, on the way back from a trip to Iran in the 1970s.Photo caption: Ken's Grangewood Transport Volvo 240, circa 1972.Photo caption: Ken's Grangewood Transport Scania141, at Iskenderun, Turkey, en route to the Middle East. Late 1970s.Photo caption: Susan and Ken Ward in the UK office of Trans Artois Frigo, c.1990.Photo caption:Ken with his Albion Reiver at the very start of his lorry driving career in the early 1960s.Photo caption:Present Day.